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Who are we.

We are an African manufacturer of interactive touchscreens and personal touch devices; building out a vibrant

collaboration ecosystem. Our clients are across the education and enterprise space.

Fiyr enterprise solutions are transforming workspaces to meet collaborative expectations of ‘the new normal’. We know that education is a key driver of socio-economic well-being. We are, therefore, on a mission to create effective learning spaces through the power of interactive technologies.

Why interactive? Well, interaction and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do as humans. As Africans, we are very aware of the gaps and are strategically positioning to plug these gaps.


We are a team of incredibly bright, warm, and creative individuals - all united and working toward a single goal. We are excited to speak with like-minded innovators looking to change the world!


The Fiyr Philosophy is a 4-pronged approach (Insert the FIYR philosophy diagram. Update to C instead of T):


We provide funding for education technology acquisition in partnership with funding institutions.


We design, build and equip learning spaces in record time to expand deliver relevant, affordable, interactive education technology options.


We deliver relevant, affordable, interactive education technology options.


this is at the core of what we do. We support educators to adopt technology; we partner with edtech Solutions houses for the most effective teaching and learning options and we are channel-first organization working across geographies to create a vibrant learning universe.